Lemmony.com was created to be a fun, relaxing, informative space where visitors can stoke the flames of inner positivity. With the rise of negative social media posts, I was in need of a place to catch my breath! As a full-time romance novelist, I stay busy with my website, a newsletter, my blog, and social media, but there's another side to what I love to do. Wellness, health, art, and design. Could I create a place to do it all?

Take a peek around the site and see what speaks to you. Our positivity section is filled with feel-good advice and referrals. Or check out the wellness section for ideas on how to keep yourself in tip-top shape. Healthy habits are created one at a time, and we've got you covered there as well.

It's so great to have you here, and while you're here, take a deep breath. A real one. Now one more... Aaaand, one more to round it out. Feels good, right?

~Jessica Lemmon