Lemmony Doodle: Believe

As a child of the 80s, I was rightfully obsessed with unicorns. They represented beauty and magic and had an otherworldly quality to them. Also, I was eleven. My folders for school were various Sue Dawe paintings--this one was my favorite. I owned My Little Pony toys and plenty of them had horns on their heads.

When I was a high schooler, my junior English teacher challenged us to write a story but there was a strict rule: NO UNICORNS. Except I had a poem about one, about an old woman who had once seen one as a child and is regaling the story to her granddaughter. It had to be written, especially since he'd instructed us not to. ;) He let me. He removed the ban on unicorns, and I got an A.



Last night when I was practicing on my Procreate app, I decided to draw a unicorn even though it'd been years. Share this link or photo on your social media and remind the masses it's okay to believe... no matter how old you are. 🦄