Pause for Pretty: Oh She Glows

On today's Pause for Pretty, I'm recommending an app! Oh She Glows has long been known for her gorgeous food photos and delicious recipes to match. She's a vegan chef, but don't let that scare you. I trot out her Life-affirming Nacho Dip at parties to my omnivore guests and they gobble it up even though there's not a lick of dairy in it.

Angela Liddon's app game is STRONG. The app not only features yummy recipes, but the ability to tap ingredients or instructions to mark them out as you go. There's also a cute heart to tap and mark a recipe as your favorite. It's available on iPad, too. 

Confession: sometimes I open it and just scroll through! It's soothing, all that pretty, perfect food.

Her website is equally gorgeous. A calm, peaceful journey through gorgeous food photos and recipes.

 To download the app,  click here .

To download the app, click here.

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