Introducing Lemmony Design

When I started this website, I vowed to follow wherever the creativity took me! As a result, I've stumbled into a fun side hustle I've named Lemmony Design.


The story

Recently, I designed book teasers for two friends and both of them told me I should offer my services for design. If you've read my book bio, you're aware of the graphic design degree I have in my closet. I've been designing my own book teasers and social media banners for years, and I've always received compliments from authors, but until this very moment I hadn't thought about actually offering it as a service.


Enter Lemmony

Now with this website, I have the perfect place to showcase my design work and share positivity and wellness AND offer my design services. As with every part of this website, it's in motion, so I'm following where the inspiration leads.


The sale

To celebrate the launch of Lemmony Design, I'm offering 30% off any author package I have to offer on this website. If you need something different (a website banner, an Instagram package) just ask! I'll see what I can do. I have a demanding author schedule, but this is definitely a passion of mine, so I'm carving out time for 1-2 clients a week to get started.


Are you one of them?

Click here or the photo below to samples of my work and pricing. 


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