How to Take a Detox Bath + a Printable!



I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately. 😬

I'm not sure if I should blame the hectic season or my deadline or just good old fashioned anxiety, but I feel like I have a billion things to do and no time to do them!

Can you relate?

After a frantic week, I decided to hop off the crazy train (yes, you can do this) and press the big ole RESET button. I wrote on the top of my planner "You have enough time to do everything you need to do." I took a detox bath, and then I drank A LOT of water before even allowing myself to consider cocktail hour.

Today, that mindful practice carried over. I woke ready for coffee & words. As a writer, words MUST happen first or else that task LOOMS for the rest of the day. (As I’m writing this I have 1200 more to write to hit my goal, but I feel confident and peaceful about them!) Then, I did yoga. 20 minutes of stretching (aka, huffing and puffing) later left me energized, and my mind is quiet. 🧘

During the holiday season especially, we MUST to take time to reset our bodies and minds so that we can do all there is worth doing! Family dinners and celebrations and shopping require energy and a lot of it focused on other people, so be sure add focusing on yourself to the mix, too.

Since it helped me so much, I’m sharing a recipe for the luxurious Detox Bath mentioned above.

BONUS: A Detox Bath “kit” would make an amazing gift for the holiday (or any occasion, really!) so I made printable recipe cards for you to share featuring sweet Lemmony in her pot of water. The cards are available for download at the bottom of the recipe.

Recommended packaging: Buy the ingredients listed and wrap them in pretty cellophane or stick them in a basket with a few rolled up towels or a sleep mask.

Detox Bath Recipe

  • 1 cup Epsom salts

  • 1 cup baking soda

  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar

  • 1 Tablespoon coconut oil

  • 5-8 drops of lavender essential oil (optional, you can alternatively buy lavender Epsom salts if you prefer)

What I love about this bath is all the restorative properties the ingredients have!

Epsom salts are packed with Magnesium, which is known to relieve muscle soreness and cramps, alleviate stress, and eliminate toxins from the body (including relieving constipation—yeah, I said it). Not to mention (but I will), you’re in a warm bath which already lends itself to relaxing.

Apple cider vinegar is another health warrior. Adding it to a bath can help relieve dry skin, joint pain, and even offer relief for a UTI.

Coconut oil soothes the skin, but be forewarned: you’ll be as slick as a seal when you’re done. BE CAREFUL climbing out of your bath and scrub the floor of the tub with soap and water after you drain out the water so that you don’t slip in the shower the next day.

Baking soda has natural anti-fungal properties. Even if you don’t have an issue, it’ll kill those cells before they cause something unpleasant.

Lavender oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, plus it smells great. Yay, aromatherapy!

PS, I use doTerra essential oils, which is my preferred brand. You can purchase it here. (That’s not an affiliate link or anything. I’m a wholesale customer and love the stuff!)

Additional tips:

  • Play some relaxing music. I asked Alexa to play “spa” music and guess what? There’s an Amazon playlist for that.

  • Light a candle. I prefer vanilla, but in the winter I burn peppermint or spice fragrances.

  • Shut off your phone. Airplane mode, please. The world can live without you for 15 minutes.

  • Set up a footstool and a few additional towels. I bring a small footstool (that I keep in my closet) to the edge of the bath and cover it with a towel. I keep a bottle of water and my phone on it (sometimes I play a meditation track while bathing). I also use a towel to roll under my neck while I lounge, and I keep another dry towel handy to dry my hands on in case I want to read or set a timer on my phone.

  • DRINK WATER. A big glass before you get in and another big glass after you’re done. With those toxins swimming in your system, your next job is to get them OUT. That means plenty of water before you indulge in cocktail hour!

  • Give a bath kit to a friend any time of the year by packaging the ingredients together with the recipe. I even designed a PDF with two copies of the recipe for your convenience.

Shopping at Amazon?

Below you’ll find affiliate links for my favorite salts and giftable jars and labels. Pick up the rest of the ingredients at your local grocery. *Note, if you do not buy the lavender scented salts, but prefer optional fragrance, be sure to also pick up lavender oil to include in your gift bag.

Please note that Lemmony does receive a small kickback for the recommendation, so we appreciate the love if you would like to purchase.

Dr. Teal’s Lavender Epsom Salts

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