How It Works

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You might be familiar with our design process. It's a lot like writing a book.

First Draft: the consultation

After you've decided your design needs, send us your information. We'll email you back and finalize any necessary details, including asking for any graphics you'd like to use in your design (licensed stock art or book cover). We'll also determine if you're project will fit into a deadline we can meet. (If it truly won't fit into our timeline, we'll tell you up front.) 

Editing: we get to work

We will bill for 50% of the cost of the project via PayPal, due upon receipt and then get busy making your custom design based on the request you sent us. Typically you can have your first drafts within a few week's time or sooner. We'll email you a draft or two based on your needs and then you can tell us everything you love and everything you don't. With that feedback, we'll tweak the design as needed and present you with the perfect final design.

Copyediting: the final step

We will remove the watermarks and email your fresh new artwork to you and bill the remainder of the work and any last minute add-ons. At that time, we ask that you go over the design carefully and triple-check to be sure there aren't any weird hyphens or stray Qs lying about. If you find any minor hiccup in the design, we'll fix it immediately.

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